At CDS, we offer an engaging and diverse work environment that permits our staff to satisfy their personal ambitions, take pride in their contributions, and share in the company’s success.  Our employees care deeply for the business and are passionate about what they do.

We strive to establish a corporate culture based on integrity, creativity, and professionalism.  Our focus is on treating customers fairly and making their priorities our priorities.  Our growth and success over the years is a result of our committed staff.

We carefully determine staffing requirements based on our customer’s actual needs and prefer to use small teams comprised of dedicated IT professionals to solve our client’s complex data management and analysis problems.

Work-Life Balance:

CDS upholds a strong commitment to work-life balance.  Demonstrating our commitment, annually, each employee receives 160 hours of paid time off (PTO) in addition to ten (10) federal holidays. Balancing your work time and personal time is essential, and at CDS we strive to foster an environment amenable to helping our personnel do so.


At CDS, we value each individual’s unique experiences and contributions.  Our talented team of professionals comes from a variety of different educational backgrounds, lifestyles, and cultures.  We know that a diverse workforce produces innovative thinking and makes us a more attractive business partner.