The ever increasing amounts of information being generated and collected, combined with the low cost of storage, is placing a significant burden on data management systems. Many agencies and organizations are trying to manage their data and intelligence systems the same way they did five years ago. It is simply not possible. Today‚Äôs data management systems must be highly automated, fault tolerant, and extremely efficient. Otherwise, you will never keep up with the flow of information.  If you thought it was hard connecting the dots before, imagine how hard it will be when the amounts of information increase exponentially.

CDS has been providing data center support to a Federal Agency for more than a decade. We are responsible for processing all intelligence information flowing into the data center. We have processed more than 1.5 trillion records from a wide variety of sources. All of this is done using industry standard architecture with domain specific enhancements to achieve unparalleled data density. Our data management system also provides native support for massively parallel processing.